If your life has been touched by Gaucher disease, or if you simply want to show your support, will you give us a hand?

Gaucher disease is a rare, inherited metabolic condition that, if left untreated, can cause lipids to build up in cells over time. This can result in progressive damage to tissues and major organs including the spleen, liver and bones, and, for some types, also the brain.1,2

Adding your hands to the chain will help to raise awareness of the disease and support the Gaucher community.

 To show your support and help us build the chain, just follow these three simple steps*:

Take a picture of yourself with your arms outstretched, linking arms or holding hands with someone you care about
Share your picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter** using #Together4Gaucher
Tag a friend in your post and invite them to take their own picture to add to the chain

* Your image may also be re-posted on Shire social media channels or used on

** We recommend checking that your account is set to public visibility in order to contribute to the bigger conversation when using the #Together4Gaucher hashtag.

Join our Thunderclap

The annual International Gaucher Day occurs on Saturday October 1st.

To mark the occasion and help promote awareness of Gaucher disease we’re launching the #Together4Gaucher campaign. We’re inviting everyone from across the globe to share a photograph on social media of you with your hand outstretched, linked or holding hands with someone you care about, to show your support to the Gaucher community worldwide.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Together4Gaucher